Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Viva Pinata

And for once, not on the 360... Harry enjoyed his 6th birthday party by mutilating a Horse Pinata in the back-garden with a couple of his pals. I helped when it had been rendered un-hangable by kicking the living shit out of it until the sweets scattered all over the garden, cueing a mad scramble from Jack and some other kids who'd arrived.

On other things, Worms finally got it's XBLA update today and there's been frantic action on the leaderboard front. We're also on the verge of annoucing the downloadable content, which will come on Friday morning (the news/info, the content arrives next wednesday). Unfortunately I won't be around for that, but the news should be on the Team17 site and also the Team17 Forum.

Blogs will be sporadic for a while, I'll be blogging from my Blackberry due to no Internet connection where I'm going :(

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