Sunday, June 03, 2007


Just got back from a 10-day UK break with the family, we went down to Cornwall for the spring-bank break and then a weekend that took in Cheddar, Longleat Safari Park and finally Legoland. 1,280miles/2,000km* later and I'm sick of seeing the car - which now needs a bloody good valet after having 2 kids rattling around in it during that time.

Herbie went crackers when he was reunited with us (he'd had a holiday too) and the house is upside down with all our stuff everywhere now.. which probably means a week or so of sorting it all out, if I can manage to put Hotel Dusk down (recent game bought for the DS).

Getting back, it appears I've had no email since Thursday afternoon, not sure what's up there (probably the T17 server) and there's all hell let loose on various forums because some of the Worms downloadable content is chargeable and some of it is free - I've made some posts on our forum about that and won't ramble on here.

I've only been back in the house an hour, so I'll get back with an overview sometime later in the week and pop some of my photos up on Flickr.

*Edited and added good old imperial for Kilburn, even though 1,250 miles doesn't really sound quite as impressively far as 2,000 km :)

Additionally I can also confirm that nothing was lost, not even a boat. Mind you, it wasn't bloody sunny either for the most part, until the day we left Cornwall.

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