Monday, June 04, 2007

A few up at Flickr

I've posted a few shots up at my flickr site (link opposite) from the holiday. I took a fair few photos but it'll take me some time to get around to tidying them up and uploading. (HERE for the recent holiday pics)

We had a good break despite some so-so weather in Cornwall where it remained largely cloudy and overcast most of the week, with the first Sunday being the worst for the weather, where it was rainy and gusty. It's not really the best part of the country to be if the weather is crappy since there are relatively few indoor attractions to keep the kids amused - and its a beautiful place when the sun shines.

We had one worrying medical emergency when our friends son was ambulanced to Truro hospital after difficulty due to asthma, the main problem was for the ambulance finding our cottage which was somewhat out in the sticks, one mile down a dust track.

We managed to get 2-3 good trips to the beach and rockpools so the kids were happy enough and when the weather was bad, the Wii kept them amused. No boat trip this year :)

The weekend we left Cornwall, the weather was much better (mid 70s/80's) and we enjoyed 3 good days at Cheddar Caves, Longleat Safari Park and finally at Legoland Windsor.

As usual, my card and bank account are feeling a bit of a hangover from the trip :-/

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