Thursday, June 21, 2007

Keeping my head down

There's a ton of stuff going on at T17, which is largely keeping me pretty quiet right now. With few trips out of the studio in June, it's at least let me get on top of that stuff, even if it's still left us a little stretched. Most of the work is to do with some initiatives and opportunities for late 2007 and stuff going into 2008.

I'm trying to get a bunch of this stuff done since I'm pretty much on the road during July and August without hardly any office time, so it's important that momentum is built up with work stuff while I have the chance.

DiRT arrived from Codies today so I'll look at giving that a spin tonight, I've been grabbing the odd hour on Forza on 360, which i've been enjoying, but I still find myself consuming photography/digital-editing books, magazines and software when I get any spare time - which as ever, is at a premium.

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