Sunday, June 17, 2007

Busy weekend

Another weekend flies by... mostly wet of course, as was the rest of the country it seems. We spent the night in York on Friday, at a hotel just outside the centre, the Best Western Pavillion. It's not one that I'd recommend, it was the only one with availabilty at the time, probably due to the race meeting - although that was called off due to the weather.

We had a couple of OK meals, a few OK pints and had a wet walk around for a while, returning early Saturday - not our greatest trip to York ever and certainly not our most entertaining time away.

Saturday evening we had friends round, drinks and Pizza which was pleasant enough... tonight, since it's father's day, it's off to the local with Bob.

I spent most of the day entertaining Jack (who was having his tenth birthday) and his buddies firstly at Nando's in Wakefield and then watching the almost 3hrs long Pirates of the Caribbean 3... which was a muddled, slightly entertaining mess. The kids were a bit loud, but mostly behaved which was a relief.

Other than that, I've been spending a lot of my time cataloging my digital photographs in 'Lightroom' on the Mac, which is taking some time but will be worth it (I keep telling myself). I bought Forza for the 360 the other day and I've a bit of a go on that, but only an hour or so.

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