Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Look, it's geeky dad!"

Nice eh? But that's how my kids greeted me, equipped with new glasses... It's a pain having the reading glasses, which are great for reading (surprisingly) but just out of focus enough to spoil watching tv from where I like to sit, meaning I use the other pair most of the time. I assume my eyes will benefit from non-contact-lens wearing after a few days, they usually do.

Now I need to get some prescription shades and also ask about some odd colour effects on bright objects with the glasses I've got, I get an almost 3d image effect at the edges of objects if I squint into my peripheral vision, which is a bit odd although I'd warrant there's a bunch of people in society dropping tablets that do that kind of thing for their kicks.

I'll most likely wear my contacts at industry events unless I'm speaking and wish to look more distinguished (thanks JD).

New diet going well...

4 days into the new diet regime and I'm doing well too, all-set to have lost a couple of pounds by the end of the week at least. I've averaged about 1750 calories a day, which is 750 lower than the average for a bloke, prior to exercise and Herbie's helped me there in terms of his walks. I've had a couple of glasses of wine tonight and not much else all week, drink wise... but travelling and opportunities beckon next week, starting in Amsterdam.

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