Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lots of ark's on Ebay... and tilt-shift photography.

...now the rain has ebbed. Looks like we pretty much escaped the worst since a lot of Yorkshire areas copped for it pretty bad. Sheffield, Leeds and some areas of Wakefield got soaked - they even closed the M1. Looking outside here, you can't tell it even rained at all, even my gazebo is dry.

There were some shocking pics on the web of Sheffield, with cars fully submerged, so it was with some vindication I recounted the virtues of living atop a hill :)

One of my ebay camera lens purchases turned up today, a good value Sigma 105mm macro lens, that really should have seen me list my 60mm macro (a Nikon) but such is my lens-lust that I can't part with the 60mm... stupid I know, but there you go. I'll come around sometime or other, keeps me out of trouble at least.

Do the tilt and shift...

I have been turned on by a Hartblei "tilt and shift" lens, made in the Ukraine by clever Russian boffins, some results can be seen here... it gives an amazing toy-like feel. MUST..NOT..BUY..ONE.... NOT.BE.TEMPTED...

A fuller explanation (and more examples) of Tilt-Shift photography can be found here.

Back to College

Additionally, I've been invited to give a talk at the Wakefield Tech' College annual awards in December (a day after I stagger back from Lyon) - that'll be interesting and special given I went there as a scruffy-haired, awkward nerd back in 1982... at least I've evolved into a grey-haired, awkward nerd some 25years on... :)

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