Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Clogged up

I got back from Amsterdam early this morning, it's amazing to fly at 10am and be back in the T17 office by 10.35am :-) courtesy of the 1hr you get back due to Holland being +1hr on GMT.

The trip was good, with us spending time with our friends and colleagues over at Two Tribes, we discussed some longer term connections and had a few drinks (and a nice meal). Myself, Kel and Jamie then enjoyed a bit of the Amsterdam nightlife before gracefully retiring in the small hours.

I'm pretty knackered now after 2 early starts and a late night, so I'll probably be in bed and out-cold by about 10pm.

I've a ton of work to try and get done prior to flying out to the USA next week - a trip which I'm looking forward to for a whole bunch of reasons, it should be very useful and illuminating and I'm keen to revisit Seattle too, I really enjoyed the place when I went there a few years back.

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