Monday, July 02, 2007

Travel time, part 1. "Route Canal"

Bike it, I like it.
After a fairly sustained period in the office, there now looms a pretty busy period of travel for me.

This kicks off with a visit to Amsterdam tomorrow where we'll spend some time with a development partner of ours and discuss a bit of business we have in mind. We're only there for the night, so we'll be back in the T17 studio by mid-day on Wednesday.

Next week sees a much larger expedition to the west coast of the USA, taking in two of our publisher partners around Los Angeles prior to heading on up for a conference in Seattle with another of our partners, Microsoft.

I'm still in shock that half the year has gone already, the pace of life these days is pretty damn scary!


Ben / S2K said...

Los Angeles is exceptionally warm at the moment. I recently moved to a part of the city called Sunland, and I was totally unprepared for just how warm it would be this summer.

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

I tend to go to LA outside of the heat of the summer, but if you want real heat, try a drive over to Las Vegas, it was 48 degrees there last year (in July). That was HOT.