Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lost 3, Won 1, but had a bunch of fun.

WRAFC South Kirby Gala-7.jpg
Harry's full debut for the under 7's came initially in goal as he played for the 'B' team at a gala over in Minsthorpe, South Yorkshire. They lost 3-0 but he didn't really have much chance with any of the goals. As it was their first ever series of matches, there wasn't a great deal of expectation, but I think they all enjoyed the experience.

Most of all I laughed loudest at the ultra-competitive dads on the other teams who'd really lost all sight of the fact that these were under 7's, not Man U v Chelsea premier-league deciders.

They played 4 matches, with Harry playing outfield in the other 3, managing to win their third match - the only one I missed as I legged it back to the car to stick my camera in the boot since we were enduring a torrential downpour.

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