Thursday, August 09, 2007

Blog suffrage

It's really been quite tough keeping the blog up to date of late, I've had seemingly little time to document all the many events of the trip to the USA and also then Brighton, let alone stuff at work. I guess being on Facebook ( doesn't help since that's been occupying a fair bit of my spare time.

Asides from a ton of work stuff (and the T17 17th summer party next week in York, on the 17th of course!) we've been up to a lot of stuff in the house, giving it something of a make-over, although it won't all be done for a few months. Part of that includes me going "fully HD" and getting a 1080p HDTV for the room. I was quite reluctant, but hey-ho, I got a good price on the screen and it means I can use the PS3 at least, since it's upscaling is supposed to be top-notch.

We've got our Worms handheld sequel looming and it'll be interesting to see how that does, since it's probably the best 2d worms game we've produced in a decade :-)

And 2008 should see a few new things too... watch this space.

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