Monday, August 13, 2007

Busy weekend

Had a busy weekend, the highlight of which was a trip up to Newcastle to see off my pal Dave Jefferies, who's leaving to live in New Zealand. I traveled up with Craig Albeck and we met Dave at a pub in Ovingham, a small village in Northumberland. Needless to say that it wasn't long before everyone was in high spirits, especially Craig who'd been out the night before and was 'topped up' pretty sharpish.

In the evening we went out with Ben Cosh and his partner Jill, who was enjoying her 30th birthday. We helped celebrate with a bottle of champers and as ever when I have champagne, a black-hole appears in the evening... I have not much clue about what went on between about 11 and 2am, suffice to say that my shirt had a better idea since it was covered in curry.

On Sunday I managed to get on the wrong train and had to get off in Sheffield before making my way back up the country to Wakefield, I got lucky though in terms of a train being in and I was only a little late back.

The rest of Sunday was spent keeping busy (sorting out the conservatory) and concentrating on not being sick. It's only this morning I feel ok...

A busy week ahead too, with the trip to Czech/Germany next week (the last major travel booked this year with the exception of Lyon in December) and a visit to London and the South West on Tuesday. I'm also looking forward to taking delivery of a shiny new 46" HDTV this week, so that'll be good - oh and Sky HD is being 'plumbed in' too.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the 'nice tea'.

The Albeck Monkey.