Friday, August 17, 2007

Considering some anger management therapy...

Let's face it, I'm rarely angry. Infrequently pissed off, perhaps, but angry/livid and raging hardly - it's just not me.

As I get older, I tend to suffer fools and stupidity much less than my youthful tolerance allowed. And whilst I can still be very patient, understanding and relatively diplomatic, I do tend to fly off the handle when I have a one to one heavy impact with people being senseless.

Take my current mobile phone woes. I mean, it's stuff you shouldn't really get annoyed about, right? But try telling me that when after initially cocking up my wife's order for a new mobile (by sending the wrong phone) O2 then tell me to return the phone in the post for a replacement, which I duly do, only to have a courier at my house the next day with a new phone in exchange for the one sent in error. Cue almost an hour on their customer support lines being taken from pillar to post before ultimately not answering my query because I couldn't remember the exact amount taken off my bill last month (given it's direct debit and the wife's). I got angry.

THEN... I goes to have a shave and shower before coming into work, Trina brings my phone up, someone called Tim on the phone.. I answer it and it's a bloody recruitment agency (I'm PLAGUED by them) - colour me very unhappy.

All this after the ridiculous situation with Carphone warehouse and my blackberry - and the other dead blackberry, SkyHD channels not being available and then.. oh and...

Christ. Better pick up a punch bag on the way home. I wouldn't mind if it was a major thing, or something life threatening, it's just an endless stream of niggles and ineffective people or processes. GRRR!

Deep breath, party time tonight.

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andylad uk said...

in the words of a very old wise man.

"its all a crock of shit"

relax..count to ten..and fuck em all

theres no point stressing over trivial stuff...

have a good one its friday......and god created beer :)