Saturday, August 18, 2007

Party Survival

Well, survived party number one. I think a pretty good time was had by all at our Dungeon party in York, with the only niggle being that the bar closed at 12pm, although we sneaked into the bar next door at 12.30ish.

The karaoke was good fun and I managed to crank out "sweet caroline" although there were a few (as ever) hidden stars with Andy Clitheroe in particular as well as Jax Li both surprising everyone with great vocals.

The place itself was good fun and you could be forgiven if you thought you were in the world of warcraft or some such place, especially with Colin walking around dressed as a demon.

I don't believe there were major stories/incidents although it's too early to tell yet and I guess photos will appear next week - I did take a camera but in proper schoolboy-error fashion, I neglected to notice it's battery was flat... (sigh)

1 comment:

Billy Allison said...

yep, mine was flat too .. but shelly's wasn't!

I've facebooked most of the pics I took with her camera already!