Thursday, September 13, 2007

Onwards and upwards

Back to the office as of yesterday and on with stuff. The studio is pretty much ticking over right now, busy on quite a few fronts and I'm on with some projects for next year.

Basically I get involved from the early stages and see the discussions through, which generally takes a few months. There's no real reason why things should actually take that long, but they just do, especially over the summer months when people are traveling, holidaying and suchlike. Most decisions require authorisation, consideration and ultimately approval. This has knock-on effects for some of our external partners and all we can do is ensure we act swiftly and correctly.

In other news, the dog's been clipped and has now resumed the guise of a polar bear, I managed to kill two of our fish (inadvertantly, I might add) when I moved the fish to a new, shiny fish-tank.. the water cloudied up and two snuffed it, with me garnering disgusted looks from the kids.

I've booked a trip to go see my dad and photo some land he's selling in the south-west of France, so I nip over there for a couple of days this month - I'll also spend an evening reminiscing with Jon Oldham at his french gaff (i.e. getting blind drunk no doubt and playing Perudo). I fly into Perpignan and then drive up towards Limoux/Carcassonne and then up to Castlenaudray (tolouse region) where Jon lives.

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