Monday, September 17, 2007

Mixed weekend

Explosive Cards!

Had a really up and down weekend which started with a fairly explosive game of poker at Team17. I can't recall the last time we had such a run of hot poker hands and so many people being involved in so many hands, particularly in the first hour or so. What it meant was that the pot increased significantly and a bunch of people were "All in" before they knew it, myself included. Colin won the game in the end, fair play to him - and we went for a curry afterwards.

Whatever the hurry, avoid India Palace for curry...

We went to India Palace in Wakefield after the cards/drinks and whilst the food tasted OK, it certainly left it's mark, with me feeling it for most of the weekend. I hadn't been in this Indian for 10yrs or so and it'll be at least that before I go again. That said, we bumped into Marcus, Amanda, Tim and Mark (the guys and gal). - and THEN someone else I'd not seen for 10yrs! The irony being we're at Marcus's house party next weekend and we'll see everyone next week too.

Return of the Russian Keeper Syndrome!

Saturday morning came with me doing my level best to keep a soaring curry down (god knows what people must have thought of my satanic breath) I took the photos at Harry's U7's football match, played at my old school in Gawthorpe (v Ossett Town). Harry played in goal as usual and had an absolute stormer, despite them losing 3-1. It was brilliant seeing him be brave and diving around, racing out of goal and really competing. He saved a number of shots, did long kicks and for one of the smallest on the pitch, played like a hero. They gave him the 'Player of the match' award and you could colour me 'proud dad'.

The rest of saturday was again me attempting to foil the curries attempts to get out and a few cider's at Bob's later didn't really encourage it to lie low either... I ended up in bed at 9.30pm, hardly rock and roll.

Being given the cold shoulder...

Sunday came and I woke with a really sore/tight shoulder. Not great. I've read that this could be something to do with the diabetes and it became quite sore. I'll have to give it a few days and hope it subsides or else I could be struggling with it a while :(

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