Monday, September 24, 2007

There's only two Martyn Browns!

Cue a bizarre early morning as I rushed into Manchester airport with only 40mins to departure, to find that I'd apparently already checked myself and my two bags in.

20mins later it boiled down to a typo on check in and I was super-fast tracked with a ticket printed with "The real Martyn Brown" - bad news for all my facebook dopplegangers then.

Am sat on the plane now and really can't believe I got on given the pandemonium, cues and 3 seat changes, raised eyebrows in security and surly looks from those who I got fast tracked in front of.

Just being at the airport in itself was a miracle, the weather was attrocious on the way over, slowling to 30mph at the M62 summit due to strong winds, torrential rain and spray that made it virtually impossible to see anything at all - I didn't enjoy it.

Time to relax now and see what fun awaits in south-west france, I have a feeling that its going to be one of those days.
Martyn Brown,
Studio Director,
Team17 Software Ltd.

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Ben / S2K said...

Maybe your evil twin has finally escaped from Dead Space and has returned to Earth to make your life more difficult via a string of minor inconveniences. It would certainly explain the problems you had with your Blackberry earlier.

Keep an eye out for someone who looks just like you, albeit with a blacker-than-black goatee and a monocle.