Friday, September 28, 2007

Back from France...

Fortunately the return trip from France went swimmingly well compared to the bizarre trip out there and I returned mid afternoon on Wednesday. I didn't get up to too much out there, save for a boozy night with old mucker Jon Oldham, along with Andy Payne and two butcher-mates of Jon's from Bristol.

Last I heard (after we were up 'til 6am) is that he was still grumbling about us drinking all his nice wine... I was pretty rough Tuesday and really tired. Tuesday afternoon I took some photos for my father and we went to a restaurant, which was an experience since it served quite possibly the smallest portions I've ever experienced - and despite former appearances, I really am not a big eater. I think I left the place significantly more hungry than I entered and was only placated by a chip butty back at my dad's place.

Thursday saw a lunch meeting where two southerners met Addlestones Cider (only 3 pints) with expected results, which made me chuckle.

Today I'm off to Screen Yorkshire to record some promo video for the region...

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