Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mini round-up

It's a funny old week this week since my eldest is off with school at a residential activity course somewhere in the Worcestershire wolds. No doubt him and his pals have been sat up chattering all night and he'll come back on Friday looking like a zombie.

The missus got pretty upset about his 'leaving' although I think it'll do him the world of good and he'll have a great time, I was joking with some of the guys here that its the kind of thing we'd like to do and most likely have a great time, behaving like 11yr olds for the most part.

The weekend went by pretty quickly, with Harry's football training taking up the morning, followed by a lethargic afternoon and then a few bottles of red with Pizza round at some friends in the village.

The late night didn't help Harry as his team suffered an 8-1 collapse in the early Sunday morning game - the poor mite taking a hard knock in goals, but to be fair he played in a team who felt there wasn't really any need for defence.

After that we visited the kids favourite restaurant, Orlandos, up on Grange Moor (we'd been to Nandos on Friday evening too) and I flaked out when we got back, after a particularly spectacular apple and rhubarb crumble (diabetic toxin as maybe).

It's all go on the delivery front this week, with our new Sofa arriving on Wednesday, a few weeks earlier than expected. It'll take some re-training of the dog who won't be allowed on the new one (cats neither). My new iPod touch was due today but the couriers have cocked up, so that looks like tomorrow too.

Otherwise I'm still trying to get a move on with the kitchen and hoping it'll be done for Xmas. Work wise I'm planning a careers fair exhibition and catching up on a lot of stuff.

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