Monday, October 08, 2007

Steady away still

As the year ebbs towards Xmas, things typically slow down around in these parts - in terms of my activity in business, at any rate. Other than the year-end presentations and meetings in Lyon for Game Connection that is.

However, it's a bit different this year, with 2 press launches for 2 new titles coming in November (one a cross-platform next-gen game and the other on the Wii) we're also due talks regarding projects for 2009 and beyond.

We've also had some good news about another digital title we're doing, with another also in the works, but there'll be no news on those until well into 2008.

At home we welcomed a new Sofa, which took me a few days to get used to - I was half worried that Katrina would hate it, but she loved it and that made for an easier life. I'm still on with the new Kitchen plans and it's now starting to look doubtful if we'll have it in place by Xmas... which means I'll probably get it in the neck.

It's the careers fair again in a couple of weeks and I'll be down in London for a couple of nights, it seems ages since I was last down there.

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