Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back from London

Got back from London late last night after exhibiting at the London Games Career fair for a couple of days. The event was pretty good and very well attended and we saw hundreds of people with a number of quite talented people knocking about, hopefully we can look towards hiring one or two of them.

The location was a bit odd, Brick Lane in the east end, which is a long road absolutely chock full of curry houses, so much so that just trying to get down the street without various vendors trying to get you in their restaurant became a bit of a hassle.

Funnily enough, after the event finished on Wednesday evening, we popped to the nearest curry house to the event hall (since we'd had no time to eat) and ended up being filmed as background material for some newspiece on curries - it'll be on BBC 1 at 7pm tonight I'm told, I can't imagine it'll be on for long and they just filmed us scoffing a few poppadoms and necking a Tiger beer.

I'm back in London again next week for the third time in a fortnight, but right now it's a couple of days off with the kids since it's half-term.

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Martyn said...

Hey fellow Martyn!

There aint many of us around - but clearly we have the best spelling of the name.

London is awesome, I will be there for a gig in a few weeks, cant wait! All the xmas lights and stuff will be up :D

See ya, M