Friday, November 02, 2007

Pumpkins, Fireworks and Barking Dogs.

That time of year I guess. Halloween was suitably hellish on the home-front, with about a dozen or so kids running riot around the house - 4hrs later and I was finally able to hug a bottle of red wine, shaking nervously. I took some pics and they're up on my Flickr site - as well as my Facebook page, which continually gets more updates and notes than my blog ever did.

Tonight it's the turn of Fireworks as we take the kids to attend Ossett Fire-Station's annual fire & display. I'm taking the camera and hoping I'll get one or two good shots, but without a tripod, I might be asking a bit much since I'll no-doubt have Harry on my shoulders. I've had the camera at work the last couple of days in case we had another spectacular sunset like we did the other day, which normally I'd enjoy on my drive home - but the clocks went back last weekend.

And lastly, spare a thought for our little dog and ourselves who will have to put up with his constant barking all weekend and then Monday too... it's firework time and I'm thinking of attaching an ipod to him and some death-metal so he can't hear a thing.

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