Monday, November 05, 2007

Dogs and bloody fireworks

Suffice to say we've had a noisy few nights since Friday... the dog is driving us round the bend barking at the fireworks from around 5.30pm to 9pm each night. If anyone has any sound advice for helping, let me know - I've tried holing him up in my room with the volume up (he was most calm listening to "The Best of The Cars" btw) and short of feeding him vodka or lacing his milk with Sherry, we're at our wits end.

Our own trip to the firework display on Friday was cut short as Jack got an ember in his eye, which required some treatment from the St. Johns ambulance crowd, although it was ok and I think he perhaps made the most of it so we could leave early. We later found out it was a common occurrence that night so black mark Fire Brigade (whose display it was).

Tomorrow is Trina's birthday so it's off in search of Radley bags I go and also cross my fingers that something else I ordered will turn up through the post.

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Bryan Reynolds said...

get some tramadol down it's neck...