Thursday, December 27, 2007

How the other half live

My dad had got my two sons a laptop each for Xmas and Windows Vista was on both. It's been a shock to my system how messy, bitty and annoying Vista is particularly after a year of clarity which is OSX on the Mac.

I know I'm starting to sound like a PC-a-phobe and dissing anything Windows, but whilst I'm happy and comfortable with XP, I really just don't get Vista with it's plethora of notices, windows, warnings and constant nags.

You would have thought that perhaps an angle to go for would be to make PC's more approachable and user-friendly but to me, Vista goes in all the wrong directions, over-powering you with options, "friendly" warnings and confirmations - it seems to take twice as long to get anything done.

I'll admit to not spending hours on Vista yet, but such is the initial shock of using it, I'm dreading going back to install and sort everything out - and the software incompatibilities that await, of PC Software I'd trusted for years.

Vista may have lots of colours, but you can colour me unimpressed. I was thinking of getting my mum a new laptop (her old one is on it's last legs) and after this, I think she can look forward to an iBook.


Andrew said...

It gets a little better, I think, once you check about a million "don't show this message again" kind of buttons or otherwise get it to stop pestering you every time you want to do something as recklessly dangerous as copying a file. But I've used it for a few days now and it hasn't got as good as XP yet. They've changed a load of stuff that was basically fine to begin with (the new Start menu infuriates me), and they've left in all the things I hate most about XP.

The strange thing is that while this is happening Linux is becoming more and more like what Windows should be. It's getting to the point where I really can't think of a group for whom Windows is still the best choice.

Except gamers, obviously.

BigRIch said...

Can you provide any evidence that your last paragraph is anything more than a "fan boy" dream?

P.S try disabling UAC from msconfig.