Monday, December 31, 2007

Curtain falls on 2007

Well, that's all folks in terms of 2007. It's been a pretty hectic year in terms of travel and Team17 stuff and whilst I can't see the immediate future slowing down too much, the company is in fine shape to push on with titles coming in 2008 and 2009 - we should start seeing announcements creep out in the first quarter, some of which will be quite a nice surprise.

Personally it's been a good year and I'm finally feeling a bit more energetic after being drained for the last couple of months (I'll admit some of that is my own fault as I can't resist burning the candle at both ends). I've still got another week off, which I intend to use fairly wisely and just chill out with the kids, wherever possible.

We'll be kicking off the Kitchen work sometime in Jan and we've spent the last week or so trying to pick appliances (mainly a matching oven range and big fridge-freezer, the rest are going to be built in) - but you wouldn't credit how tough it is to find matching ones. Trina can't decide over silver or black either and with Black granite being installed, I'm edging towards the latter.

There's also the trip to Iceland looming and the probability that I'll give in and order a Nikon D300 DSLR camera anytime soon (I've done so well to hold out so far).

Until then, very best wishes for 2008 and I hope it's good for everyone...

Now, back to Mass Effect, which I'm really enjoying on 360.

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