Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy new domestic

Well, the good behaviour I'd been exhibiting could only span so many days, so what better than to shred my brownie points on New Years eve, aided by a sprinkling of various fine wines and champers.

We'd gone to some friends in the village to celebrate - he's got a Spanish wife so we ended up having two new-years including the Spanish one where you eat a dozen grapes, one at a time, with each 'bong' of the clock. Please don't ask me why, but it made for a change and I was feeling bad after spilling red wine on their nice carpet. Oops.

The rest is a bit of a haze, but I was informed of my tardiness the next morning and spent most of the day in the dog-house, brownies blown, so to speak.

After dinner at my mums I turned on the radio to find that Leeds were being tonked by Oldham and this was fast turning into a day to forget. Cue some arguments about the lack of new kitchen and it was fast spiralling out of control.

Time to take drastic action.

Or it would have been had I not gone back on Mass Effect, a space RPG game by Bioware for the 360 which I've been really enjoying.

Anyway, this evening some indecisions on the kitchen front have been banished and we finally have what resembles some idea of a plan, it looks like it won't happen (i.e. be fitted) until March, but that won't be a problem as long as we know its on the way. We're also planning big changes to the bathroom and our en-suite, but that's a little off radar right now.

As it is, I've been up all night having elected to play a bit of Mass Effect when the missus had gone to bed, after our now usual dose of the excellent 'Heroes'. I got so compelled to finish Mass Effect that I kept going until 5.30am and duly finished it, enjoying pretty much most of it even though I wimped out to casual mode half way through or it would have likely taken me double the 28 gameplay hrs it took me - I rarely get time to dedicate to gaming, so I wanted to ensure I saw it all.

I'm not sure I'll have the chance to replay it, but as a game I'd highly recommend it, so long as you'll have quality time to play it, it's very wordy and my kids described it as 'that game where all you do is talk' which was missing the point a little bit, I refused to counter with 'warcraft, the game where you just click your left mouse button repeatedly' since another slanging match about WoW wasn't what I needed.

Mass Effect also made me think about one of the titles we're doing at Team17 which we thought had a lot of voice-over in it, but Mass Effect is so very, very large and it must have been a nightmare to manage - a glimpse at the extensive credits makes you realise the scale of that project.

Impressive stuff, I was even moved to ping one of the Bioware dev team know and offer some kind words - its always nice to get good feedback from your peers as generally we're the harshest critics around, but some times you have to just stand back and applaud what someone's created.

Just a few more days off before I'm back in the office, so time to sort some last jobs out and look into this kitchen business.

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