Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last day rituals

Last day in the office for me tomorrow - and a half day at that. As usual it will be spent wishing the Team17 folks well prior to cracking open some tins and a bunch of us sitting down and playing Poker before we hit a few pubs and sign off properly.

It's been another fast-paced, whirlwind year and as you get older, it just gets faster - a bit like a Waltzer, shabba...

Hopefully I'll get some kip tonight (had a bad night last night) and I can hopefully also avoid the last-day drunken argument I usually have when I get home by not being too bad.

My batteries definately need a recharge, quite amazing how they've made it through 2007, even if I didn't blog the details quite as much as I perhaps did in 2006, but I guess the constant updates to my Facebook page are to blame for that.

Cheers for reading, I guess there'll be the odd snippet over Xmas, but if not, have a good one yourself and here's to a great 2008.

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