Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Crushing the impulse gene.

I'm just not sure how I'll crack it. I mean, the other week, I had a sudden wave of common sense and sorted out past impulse purchases, raised a tidy bit of cash and thought I'd got over it. Then, there I am out in the USA, all excited, giddy and somewhat hungover (the worst possible recipe for my impulsion) and I go and splash silly cash on a very large, pricey lens. Bloody idiot.

When sobriety dawns, it's just not something I can use much, even given what I like to photograph, I guess I'd got it in my head that I was going to get a fast 70-200VR f2.8 (fast sports lens) and when they didn't have it, I went and grabbed something else (an 80-400 VR - super long distance, super sharp lens).

The only fortunate thing is that I'll most likely be able to get what I paid for it, so it won't cost me anything other than 'getting it out of my system'. I really am a silly bugger sometimes.

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