Monday, March 03, 2008

Kitchen Kaos Update

Well, it's been 5 days since the kitchen work began and I think there's been a lot achieved. Today (Sunday - even though it's technically Monday due to the time) is the only day where nothing much has gone on, save for me starting some of the painting as it will be easier done now rather than later - even if plenty of touch-ups will be required later.

Tuesday was a long day in itself preparing the room and Wednesday onwards was pretty hectic with a stream of workers; ripping out the old units, carpet & appliances, the electrician rewiring everything, the granite man measuring up and then the plasterers making the walls good on Saturday.

The actual fit will go ahead this week and day by day it should start to look more and more like the finished article, with perhaps Thursday being the key date as the granite should arrive then (along with the range cooker, which had been delayed).

There's a bit of plumbing and wiring to do to hook the new appliances up and plenty of fixing and mending. The flooring should be down next week, which should effectively end the job. In fact it should start to look more like it by the end of tomorrow as the upper unit shells will be up and in place and the layout of the kitchen more apparent.

Living wise, it's a bit of a mare, the house is totally upside down and even our makeshift kitchen (dining room) is wobbling under the pressure. I'm still struggling with jet-lag, after thinking I'd cracked it by sleeping well through Mon/Tues. The last 3 nights I've woken at 3.30am and needed an early evening sleep before waking again about 11pm, which has had me and 6's and 7's.

Food wise, we're eating out, snacking up and have a ton of take-aways. Jack thinks it's fantastic but I'm looking forward to getting back to normal, it has to be said.

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