Monday, February 04, 2008

In February and it's time for action!

February already. I was expecting time to fly but this is bloody ridiculous.

Anyway, whilst I'm clinging onto the rampaging clock, I've been pretty busy, turning 41 for one thing, which was a bit quieter than turning 40 and didn't really include a big hangover of the sort I probably expected. Additionally we're getting ready for the kitchen fitting later this month so the house is a bit upside down in the kitchen/conservatory whilst that's done.

Currently I'm planning the audio-visuals (now I got it 'approved') and have since got the OK to stick another AppleTV, Amp, speakers, HDTV and video sender in there (most of which on the condition that it'll all mostly be hidden).

The AppleTV in particular has gone down a storm, so it wasn't much of an argument to order a 40gb one (rather than the 160gb we've got in the room) - its a great, easy to manage, audio/video streamer that anyone can use and will come in great when we are socialising in the kitchen - which tends to happen at any party.

Anyway, all the kit's ordered save for cabling and apart from ensure the kitchen fitters place appropriate holes, it should all turn out OK.

We had snow on Saturday morning, which was great fun for the dog & the kids, although it didn't last much more than a few hours (and not long enough for any sledging) - still it was better than none at all.

Work-wise, I'm off to Amsterdam this Wednesday for casual-games connect, a brief trip for a couple of days and am back for the full week of the kids half-term break, before swanning off to GDC in San Francisco on the 17th. There's a ton of stuff on the go at the moment and not too much I can divulge.

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