Friday, March 28, 2008

Almost April

Well, the year certainly seems to be flying by, with April just around the corner already - which coincidentally almost marks two years of blogging, even if the blog itself has been superceded by a lot of Facebook activity.

Today is also the release of our first Team17 Wii title, Worms: A Space Oddity. Back at the studio, we're busy working on a few titles and looking to get on the home-straight on the new Leisuresuit Larry title we've been working on for a couple of years. Other things are also in progress and we're looking to release some information mid-summer on those.

At home we enjoyed a good Easter break with our friends down from Scotland, which culminated in a rather large party on the Saturday night with a ton of drunken friends & family around for a pretty late one - giving our newly completed Kitchen what-for.

It was also the first time Rock Band/PS3 got its first real airing and we had tremendous fun with it, it really is great fun with a bunch of friends.

Something happened a couple of days ago which knocked me for six; a disappointing Apple product... being somewhat of a convert (much in the way an ex-smoker is so annoying) I am a huge advocate of Apple kit. However, on getting the 'Time Capsule' a wifi-router-cum-storage device and spending 12hrs fighting with it (and also the "Leopard" operating system) I was ultimately so dismayed with it's performance that I decided to return it. The thought of having a fast, 1TB storage unit wireless is still intriguing, but I'll have a look in 6-12months when they've sorted the software out.... being a beta-tester for them is not my idea of fun.

Personally I'm also now getting pretty excited about the family holiday in May, which suddenly doesn't appear very far away. I'm looking forward to a tour of California 'out of work clothes' so to speak, which should be a very different experience as usually I'm always on the way to some meeting or heading to a bar/function when I'm out there.

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