Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lagged on Holiday

We're now 4 days into our California holiday and having a good time, save for a couple of things - firstly Harry, our youngest is really struggling with jet lag and falling fast asleep around 5.30/6pm, which is meaning the evenings are a little curtailed to say the least. He's also waking around 4am, so it means early starts - with no real improvement in sight, it means he's going to have a little siesta this afternoon in the hope of getting him back on normal time.

Secondly the weather has been so-so, which is a shame. We had a couple of days of sunny but windy weather and so far a day of pretty grey squall, which is quite disappointing really but as ever it's one thing you can't control. It's supposed to get better from tomorrow, which is Harry's birthday - most of the time when I've been over here, the weather has been great :-/

I've taken a few pics and I'll upload some to flickr, having put a few up on Facebook. I'm currently waiting for the play off final to begin and hope Leeds make it...

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