Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We arrived at Yosemite yesterday lunch and had a good walk about and took a few photos (some are up on Flickr/Facebook). Unfortunately the weather has taken a real turn and it looks like rain/thunder for a few days, which has kind of put a real spanner in the works. The lodge we're in is hardly great for the kids when it's pouring down and also, I can't really get out to do photos - the upshot being that I've decided to head back to sunnier climbs down in LA a couple of days earlier. I was really looking forward to touring the Yosemite hotspots - it's a stunning place, but with the weather being as it is, there's no point hanging around.

Hopefully the rain will hold off enough to call in at Mariposa giant redwoods on the long drive down to LA (6hrs) and the kids will make do with watching the Simpsons in the car.

We had a strange night too, since Jack kept waking up and having nightmares about Bears and Mountain Lions coming to get him - no such trouble for Harry who slept straight through.

We should be in Santa Monica by the early afternoon and hopefully it'll be sun sun sun all the way in for the rest of the holiday (11 nights still to go). We've had a good time all told, the cooler weather just taking the edge off a great time in San Fran, but it's a pity that the Yosemite experience is to be weather blighted - am just glad I got out for a few snaps yesterday.

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