Thursday, May 29, 2008

What a difference a day makes/Normal service resumed.

In hindsight I probably shouldn't have booked the Yosemite element of the holiday. It's easy to say that I guess, especially after legging it one day after torrential rain, cloud, cold and the threat of being stuck there 2-3 days in those conditions. I just don't think the kids really appreciated the sheer majesty of the place - it is a stunning place, I just hope when they grow up they will realise it and want to return. It's the kind of place I'd happily spend a good few days in, taking photos - but perhaps the kids are just too used to action & activity.

Anyway, we got to Santa Monica after a reasonably stress-less 6hr drive, the only problems being that Harry got "mountain sickness" which is the altitude sickness thing - the ride out of Yosemite on Highway 41 rises to some 6,500ft and this can cause it. Trina had to get out of the car, but fortunately wasn't sick like Harry. It was slow going for 1.5hrs as we slowly descended on tightly bending, angled camber roads. I got chance to stop and take a few photos, particularly of the valley we'd come from (which was shrouded in rain/fog, hemmed in by the valley walls) but with the way that Harry was feeling, there was no real option to go to the top (Glacier Point) or even the giant Sequoia trees at Mariposa Groves. Never mind.

A stop for breakfast somewhere on the plains perked everyone up and we were soon in greater LA, taking in Hollywood, Sunset Strip, Beverley Hills and Bel-Air before hitting Santa Monica. We are 'holed up' at the Fairmont and got upgraded, with a great balcony view, the weathers great and everyone's happy. 

We're off to Universal studios today too, so the kids will really enjoy that. Most likely be Soak City or some waterpark tomorrow as I'm trying to visit those places outside of the busy weekend periods.

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