Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Its been very hot since we arrived from the rain-soaked heights of Yosemite last Wednesday. We've been up to a lot down here, having a great day at Universal (pre-fire, which was nothing to do with us!), burning ourselves silly at Knott's Soak City in Anaheim and visiting Catalina Island, which was great.

We've also had a meal with Cris Blyth and family and are about to leave for a meal at their place tonight. It won't be a late one since we're off to Vegas for the day tomorrow (out 8.30am, back, 10.00pm flights) to take the kids to see a big-cat magic show as part of their birthday surprises. 

I've a ton of photos to edit and sort when I get back... as well as a mountain of email - I've not checked any emails since about May 19th... somewhat of a record, as well as being sober and well behaved since then... 

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