Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dad'll fix it

Sorted out a nice surprise for Jack today, thanks to a pal at Blizzard... on the way to San Diego, I'd arranged for us to pop in and have Jack be shown a few areas of the Blizzard campus, take a few photos and suchlike. He was pretty awestruck and got to meet a few people (including the guy who was inspiration for the South Park Warcraft episode) and went in the Blizzard theatre, museum and also got sneaked into the development team block for a few photos. He also got a very (very!) nice gesture from Blizzard but I can't really say what that is - suffice to say he's grinning from ear to ear about it. He's promised me a lifetime of good behaviour based on what I've pulled off. Although to be fair, the promise got broken within an hour... 10yr olds for you...

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