Monday, June 30, 2008

Dad'll fix it (2) and Social Spaghetti

Am just back from a weekend in Paris, no, not a romantic one, but one shared with my World of Warcraft besotted son and 11,000 other seemingly tortured souls. It was quite nice being invited to the huge Blizzard 'Worldwide Invitational' and even nicer to see the lovely looking 'Diablo3' unveiled at the premiere, but I'm not so sure I could have hacked much time with the WoW players, it was bad enough being sat in front of a couple of stat & level fans on the plane (with nowhere to escape). Jack enjoyed himself, got to play Litch-King (the latest Wow expansion), a Blizzard goody-bag and bought a few Wow goodies. I got to take him, see my pal at Blizzard and watch various sad people either dress up as Orcs, Merlocs and Night-Elf's or do the Wow dances up on the big stage... where dignity holds no bounds. It was yet another moderate weekend in a record run :)

On other things, I'm losing count of the number of social networks, forums and what-not I'm being invited onto. There's simply too many and not enough time for them. As a result I'm prett y much settled on two; one for business links and one for wider social links; LinkedIn and Facebook, which I enjoy since its great to keep up with everyone on a lighter side and have it presented rather than have to seek it out or try and remember it all in my tiny little mind.

Off to Seattle for a week with our friends at Microsoft in a few weeks, the folks of the Casual gaming space and then a sneaky weekend in Vancouver. I'll likely miss the UK develop event in Brighton this year but that's probably a good thing because that's never been anything other than OTT on the social side. Summer, Seaside and Games Industry is not a good mix.

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