Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Candle-end burning continues.

We arrived back from Seattle/Vancouver late on Monday evening and after having a little sleep (I could barely keep my eyes open) I've been up most of the night (it's now 5am) since in addition to the jet-lag, it's also stupidly hot and humid.

I've managed to unpack and sort all the gear out (more or less) and now face a pretty rushed day in the office (and having to nip out to get the dog clipped and the cat to the vet) prior to going down to Brighton for a meeting or two on Wednesday - that's a 4hr journey and not one I wish to do twice in a day, especially as I'm beat now and I could do with using as much time in Brighton as I can, so I'll return Thursday (not sure when yet) and then speedily pack for our long-weekend with our friends up in the wilds of Scotland, at least that's only a short flight and it'll be a nice surprise for the kids, even though it's forecast for heavy rain up there.

I have a day in the office next Thursday before I'm off again, this time on a stag with a great bunch of friends over at Rockstar, I can't even begin to contemplate how I might feel when I get back from that... I am back about 10hrs before we go to Centreparcs for a few days and after 3 days in Galway it's possibly a good idea.  

I have no idea when I'll get chance to pack for that, nor the trip to Leipzig that follows our little family break a couple of days later, let alone sort out all the meetings in Brighton/Leipzig in time... as well as catch up on all the email and carry on numerous business things. I might explode since there's not much of either end of the candle left to burn.

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