Friday, August 01, 2008

Scottish retreat just what the doctor ordered...

After what can only described as a pretty manic 24hrs, which included meetings in London and Brighton, a very large and late night out in Brighton (until around 4am) and then a train journey back up to Liverpool for a few hours to see a mate off from Sony, then back over to Wakefield, it's perhaps obvious that I'm ready for a little break before I snap myself in two.

Things went well on the trip and there's a bunch of quite exciting things all happening at once, which is great - the only downside is that with so much going on, I'm gonna need to keep an eye on my blackberry pretty much constantly, which I guess undermines the idea of a break in the first place, but hey ho.

So today then, we head north to Inverness from East Midlands airport and then east towards Banff in the east of the highlands. The trip is a surprise for the kids and will mean a lot to Jack as he'll get to enjoy a few days with his old friend (old for an 11yr old, at least) Samuel. I imagine the adults will endulge in a more than a drop of booze and we'll all nurse sore-heads in the rain, as it's expected to pour it down for all 4 days :( Doesn't look like I'll get chance to take too many pictures this time, a pity since I got some crackers last time.

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