Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Doom, gloom and possibly boom!

Jesus, it's a right old jolly existence at the moment. Doomsayers are grumbling about the impending collapse of the free financial markets, oil/petrol/gas prices are flying up (am glad I only do relatively few miles in my 3 litre non-green Jag) and the latest badness is threats of military shenanigans with the US, Russia, Israel and Iran.

All I've got to bloody moan about is that I've got some sand inside my D300 LCD screen. Life's too bloody short - and yes, it can be a tad shite from time to time - but like recession, poverty, starvation, wars, civil unrest and really shitty chart songs - it's all been done before and it'll no doubt be done in the future - unless of course, the mad Iranians and other missile wielding loonies actually do something stupid.

Anyway, in the mean-time, it's pissing it down but never mind, summer will be over soon.

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