Monday, July 07, 2008

Busy time ahead on a few fronts

There's quite a bit going on at the minute, which is really helping to make time fly by. I can't believe (for example) that it's 7 weeks since we set off on our holiday to the USA - that's simply whizzed by.

With the recent weekend in Paris, a trip to the USA looming (Casual Connect & Microsoft visit via Vancouver), a long weekend visiting friends in the Highlands of Scotland, a stag do in Galway, a family break in Centreparcs, a trip to Game Convention in Leipzig (via Czech) and finally a wedding in Oxford - September will be here before I know it. I don't mind the travelling most of the time, but this really is a crazy schedule, with little time in the office - and thats including having to skip stuff like E3 and the Develop conference in Brighton (if only so I can sit still and breathe for a while).

With August flying by that also means the football season too, I've got a season ticket for myself and Harry and am quite looking forwards to taking him - fingers crossed Leeds will do the business after the disappointment of not going up in the play-off final (despite that 15 points).

Work wise, our new digital projects are going really well and we'll be making the first presentations of these in a fortnight although I believe it'll be a little later before they go public. The projects are looking good already and it's exciting to see them come together - if either get any way close to repeating the success that Worms has enjoyed on XBLA , then we'll do pretty well. (Worms is still No.5 in the XBLA charts, some 15 months on!)

At home, I'm struggling to keep my blood sugars under control despite being reasonably moderate on the food/drink (and losing a bit of weight) but I need to really buckle down on that score, which will be difficult given the agenda I've got. My diabetes and social event itinery is hardly a marriage made in heaven. I better keep wolfing the Metformin and hope for the best.

Monty, our senior cat, is now 14 and starting go a bit thin, whilst you kind of know what's in store for them when they get on in age, it's never nice to know it's going on. He's still got all his faculties (eyesight, ears and temperament) but he's starting on the slippery slope I fear. As our senior pet, the kids have known him all their lives and it'll be difficult for him whenever the inevitable happens.

We're in the midst of decorating and putting a new wood-floor down in the room/dining-room and hall, so that's disruptive and I'll be glad when we're finally all done. As soon as it stops pissing it down I should also be able to get the last few outdoor jobs done too - the summer has been shocking thus far, but we should be used to that by now. It's raining heavily as I type...

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