Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Galway, Longleat, the movement continues...

Had a really great time with the lads out in Galway, there was nothing too mental, just very steady drinking, lots of laughs, Guinness, Oysters, that kind of stuff. I did manage to really imbibe way too much on day one and ended up soaked to the skin in the pouring rain, miles from my hotel on the first night (given I eventually found my hotel at 4am). Bry Reynolds was amusing and disappointing at the same time, failing to last much past 9pm on either of the main nights due to be utterly smashed. Our stag, Chris Waring, was with us for a little of the time, but wasn't well through Saturday. It didn't stop the rest of us, who also dug out "7, 8 or 9" the fearsome drinking dice game we haven't played in years - and a couple of hours of it and I can understand why :)

Galway grows on me more and more, I loved the really laid back vibe of the place and the pubs are really fantastic, as are the locals. I hope I can get back there sooner rather than later, but I can't imagine it'd be good for one of the photography trips.

It was also a good job that I was a bit leathered on the flight back, since a strong crosswind was throwing our little prop-plane all over the shop and it was a little bit of a rollercoaster at times - with much relief when it finally smashed to the floor in Manchester. The Leeds Utd U-15 youth team were on the flight (I tried for gossip and failed) as well as some officials of Leeds Carnegie, some rap/hip-hop star (replete with diamond encrusted cane and entourage), most of Rockstar Leeds' senior management lads and myself from Team17 - just as well it didn't go down then! Or they'd be writing songs about it, or cheering, or something.

Am currently in Centreparc's Longleat with the family and the weather's crap. The place is good though, much nicer than the Nottingham one I was in for Pete O'Donnell's stag do way back in April. Trina likes it a lot and the kids are pretty excited, so it looks like a winner, despite the rain. Time for me to chill out for a few days. Germany/Prague next week...

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