Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Longleat adventure at Centerparcs

3 days in at Centerparcs and it's fair to say that the weather has been a complete and utter washout save for maybe 2-3hrs on Tuesday when we got about a bit. Fortunately there's enough indoor stuff to do (providing you've booked) and we also made the most of a pleasant, if damp, morning by hiring some bikes and getting around on those. However we couldn't go on them after 2pm since it totally hammered it down.

We went to the sub-tropical swimming paradise (it says here) and the kids really enjoyed the wild-water rapids thing which goes outside and was quite entertaining - at least it was once we could safely go on it due to passing thunderstorms.

We've seen a fair few animals, the usual squirrels, rabbits/hares, Harry claimed to have seen a fox and a Roe Deer came to visit this evening. I also made the news in the villa by having a hydrobath and using too much shower-gel as bubble bath, leading to a cartoon style bathroom full of bubbles - at least it kept the kids amused, as did a spate of "shin-kicking" a sport watched on TV later that evening. How the mighty live, eh.

I'm quietly moderating, although I did partake of a few tins of Bulmers watching Leeds destroy the league's worst team in Chester.. still, gone are the days when we'd lose those games and I'm eagerly awaiting the first home league game on Saturday, so I guess the script is already written for that.

We're planning on Longleat Safari Park tomorrow (which is next door) depending on the weather of course... fingers crossed.

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Hi there. Nice camera you have - Nikon D300 ;)