Sunday, August 17, 2008

Toilet tantrums

I hate DIY. Why DIY when you can pay someone to do it without hassle.

Anyway, I reluctantly agreed (since I was at home for a change) to hang some curtains and fit two new toilet seats at home. Pretty bloody mundane I imagine you're thinking. Not for me.

Off I pops (after fitting the curtains, with no problems) to B&Q, struggle with traffic since a new road is being laid and then finally get there just before it closes. They have the seats we want, so I grab the boxes, pay and leave.

Cue struggling to fit seat one. 

The old one has been in a while and all the fittings have practically ruined. After using some wrench's I managed to get the bugger off. I then open the box of the replacement to find that I'd picked up a box with no new fittings. It was marked as such (once I'd looked) but what on earth it was doing amongst the stock of the new seats, I don't know. Anyway, I contrived to fit the new seat with the old fittings (which took a while) only to find it wobbles. Bloody hell. I need new fittings/new seat.

Undeterred I got on with the 2nd seat, opening the box to find that the seat lid was in several broken pieces. Argh.

I hate hassle more than I hate DIY. Now I not only still have the DIY to do, but I have the hassle of returning the ones I bought.

Needless to say I opened a Magners.

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