Saturday, August 30, 2008

Interesting week

It's been OK this week.

I got the new car on Wednesday and seriously love it - and I thought I'd got cars out of my system, I guess its just a bit different since its been a while since I had something so nice (and punchy-quick) and at least it's endeared me to my kids and their mates now I don't have "an old mans car" anymore.

On Tuesday night, I went with H to see Leeds demolish Crystal Palace in the cup, Leeds were awesome but any idea of that being that were brought crashing back to earth as we stuttered to a draw at home to Bristol Rovers earlier this afternoon.

We also went 'under the radar' official on the new Alien Breed :-)

I came out of footy retirement to start to help coach the village under-8 kids, which I enjoyed immensely. I've lost a few pounds since I blogged about my weight and while there is a few more to shed, I'm moving in the right direction and back in 34" jeans :)

And finally, I've sat still in the office for a while. I don't think I've had so many positive or constructive meetings for some time, there's plenty to do and I'm enjoying helping move it all along. 

As long as things remain OK, that's cool.

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