Thursday, September 04, 2008

Time flying and all that - and wedding bells.

I've tried to get a grip on how quickly time is flying by but fail every time. This week there were a few notable milestones; Jack moving on to High School, Harry moving up to Junior school. It feels just like days since Jack was at nursery, never mind Harry.

Team17 turns 18 in December and I'm 42 in January, but I don't think 42 will mean the answer to life, the universe and everything despite Jack now being fond of his digital watch.

We're at a wedding on Friday (tomorrow) down in Abingdon, Oxford. I'll be in a suit for the first time in years and I get to have a long drive in the car with Bry and his missis. Am quite looking forwards to it since a bunch of friends are there and it'll also be good to see all the lads who were on the Galway stag a month or so ago.

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