Sunday, September 07, 2008

Wet, windy and wonderful wedding!

We jumped in the shiny new car for the long drive down to Kingston Bagpuize (a small village to the west of Abingdon, Oxfordshire) and despite some delays in the midlands on the M1, we arrived in good time to deliver Bryan at a hotel to collect his suit, as he was an usher. We then checked into our hotel in Abingdon and did a quick change believing we were very short on time, admiring briefly the four-poster bed which eventually saw about as much action as Switzerland.

We actually got to the wedding place pretty early and then had an hour of wandering about in the light rain, since they wouldn't let us in until the service started.

The wedding and reception went great and we were in fine company, a bunch of photos are up on Flickr and Facebook. Trina got pretty blasted early on and it took about 4 bottles of water to bring her back from the brink.

Reynolds wore many silly hats and eventually proposed to long-suffering Debs. It was that kind of night, I ended up with red wine all over my suit - and on the way back to the car to put my camera away I fell over a small hedge and down a bank into a stream in the pitch black. The camera survived.

The weather was pretty atrocious and it hammered it down. We got drenched waiting for a late cab and the field we'd parked in was like the Somme the next day. We left Abingdon at 10am, with a dirty, mud-splashed car and headed back up through the rain, getting back early afternoon.

Just in time to take Harry to Elland Road and see Leeds perform brilliantly (given a 2 minute switch-off in extra time) and put 5 past Crewe, 4 of which were 25yds or more stunners! Cracking.

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