Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gym'll fix it.

Christ, I knew this day would come... joining a bloody gym. To be fair, it's a family membership and an attempt at getting the kids (most notably my eldest, Jack) into some kind of exercise regime as well as keeping a few lbs off (and thus helping keep the blood-sugar down). Cramming the gym in might be the biggest obstacle with weekends being a blur given football, swimming, leeds matches and kids parties... I've not enrolled yet, but I'll be running it past the family tonight. I think it'll be a resounding 'yes'.

On other matters, my blood-sugar rate has been soaring of late which has left me a little tired and jaded. I'm back on my tablets after a silly few months thinking I was kind of OK again - but it's taking time to get it back to somewhere near normal again. Exercise will help as will walking the dog a bit further. 

On the upside, Leeds Utd continue to make football matters worth celebrating again... :)

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