Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas is almost upon us

Well, the tree's up. I finally relented.

It usually goes up the first weekend in December and thats usually preceding a trip to Lyon for Game Connection, but like the tree being early, that was too. We're now making plans for our xmas party, which will happen a few days prior to new years eve.

It's been a bit of a slow week this week, mostly due to the US Thanksgiving holiday slowing my email down somewhat, but I'm sure that will kick start again on Monday. It's also been really, really bloody cold - football training with the kids wasn't very pleasant.

We went to a Christmas market earlier in the week and the sausage I had played all kinds of a merry dance which led to me having to take a day off last Tuesday - something that doesn't happen often, even with a lot of the drinking scrapes I've got myself into over the years.

Today Leeds play Histon (a high flying non-league part-time club) and I'm rather worried they'll knock us out and as it's live on National TV I suspect 10-15million others will be delighted if they do. I've got a few quid on certain results at 500-1...

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