Monday, December 15, 2008

Winding down.

Whilst I spend most of the year winding people up, it's finally time for me to wind down and recharge for next year, which is going to be pretty hectic again. We've a bunch of games going out on various formats (a ton of PR to do for that) and the first six months of most years is littered with Industry events; there's a trip out to the West Coast in February, GDC in March and a small matter of yet another jaunt to Galway for my birthday at the end of Jan.

But right now it's a case of looking forwards to a week or two at home with the kids, family and friends, a drink or two and a few hours of Rockband into the bargain. It's been a funny old year, much of it seemingly preparing for a busy 2009.

In the gap since the last update I've had cold, had a flu-jab (which I get due to the diabetes), seen Leeds go from bad to ridiculous and finally sort all my Christmas gifts out, so no last-minute faffs for me.

This week I'm down in London with JD and Kilburn on Wednesday and there's a Perudo session planned for Thursday. Friday may be my last day in the office (although I never escape the mails) I'll have to see where work things are - I could do with a few days to sort out the house pre-xmas.

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